Our sign artists are hand-selected from one of the largest pools of talent in the world. Signage is not only a beautiful detail to add your wedding day but a great way to let your guests know where to go and what to expect throughout your event. Unfortunately, signage ranks high on the list of commonly forgotten details brides plan for. At Event Hollow, we believe this is one of the most important features of a beautifully executed event. Keep your wedding cohesive by selecting one of our top tier sign artists.

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Sign Artistry Packages

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All prices are inclusive of tax and service fees.

Sign 01. - $100

Elopement Set: designed with eloping couples in mind.

One (1) custom wedding announcement sign

Two (2) custom name/bride/groom scripted cards or tiles

Sign 02. $240

Small Set: perfect for intimate gatherings and small weddings

One (1) 16” x 22” Welcome sign

One (1) 16” x 22” Seating chart

Eight (8) Table numbers

Sign 03. - $300

Medium Set: ideal for standard/medium sized weddings.

One (1)18” x 24” Welcome sign

One (1) 18” x 24” Seating Chart

Twelve (12) Table numbers

Sign 04. - $460

Large Set: well suited for large weddings

One (1) 24” x 36” Welcome sign

One (1) 24” x 36” Seating chart

Fifteen (15) Table numbers


If you would like to have you artist design something custom to match your unique wedding style, your entire package and any add-ons will be customized for you - $25

Add custom name cards in wood, chalk, clear acrylic, rocks or marble tiles: $5 each

Add a 4 x 6” table number: $10 each

Add a 5 x 7” table number: $15 each

Add an 8 x 10” Cards & Gifts sign: $25

Add a “Reserved” sign: $10 each

Add a set of two chair back hanging signs- $31

Add an 8”x10" Guestbook sign: $25

Add a 11”x14” Guestbook sign: $35

Add a 13”x15” Guestbook sign: $40

Add an 8”x10” Bar or Dessert Menu sign: $25

Add a 11”x14” Bar or Dessert Menu sign: $35

Add a 13”x15” Bar or Dessert Menu sign: $40

Add an 8”x10" Memorial sign: $25

Add a 11”x14” Memorial sign: $35

Add a 13”x15” Memorial sign: $40

Add a 11”x14" Dinner Menu sign: $35

Add a 13”x15" Dinner Menu sign: $40

Add a 16”x22” Dinner Menu sign: $70

Add a 11 x 14” “Unplugged Wedding” sign: $35 each