The Problems in the Wedding Industry

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How we are fixing the Wedding Industry

We have automated and streamlined the entire event planning process

Web-based B2B & B2C | Two-sided Marketplace

→ Standardized packages and prices eliminate the hassle of comparing proposals

→ Bride can estimate the entire cost of her wedding with no commitment.

→ Intelligently pairs brides to only the best local vendors

→ Integrated vendor calendars

→ Agree to only ONE contract for all services rendered.

→ Flexible payments


Curation. Inspiration. Automation. Disruption.



We are recruiting seasoned Wedding Planners in each geography to be our regional managers to help build the networks in their locality→ currently designing an incentive program.

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California - 2019

West Coast - 2020

Major Cities - 2021

Countrywide - 2022

Global - 2023

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{{These Key Differentiators make instant booking transactions possible}}

>>These Key Differentiators make the instant booking process trusted by the user<<

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