Why Event Hollow?

So, you just applied to Event Hollow: the only solution on the internet that allows vendor booking on the planet. Go you for pioneering this movement with us!

How can Event Hollow benefit vendors?

  1. Never write another proposal again. Yeah, no need for those anymore.

  2. Stop chasing leads. We give you qualified clients through actual bookings.

  3. End the price debate. Here is some perspective about the wedding industry price debate in the form of a metaphor: You are looking at a hardcore, cool ass 2015 Toyota Prius for your next big kid purchase. Looking at the used car options online, you have dwindled your options down to these: 

    1. the rainbow Prius you have been searching for your whole life, with all the bells and whistles, only 10k miles on it, priced at $15k 

    2. the duller grey Prius, bells and whistles, zero rainbows to be seen, with 9k miles on it priced at $9k  

    3. the bright red Prius with 20k miles, bells and whistles, rainbow license plate and costs $17k.

      These options seem to be all over the place right? How do you decide which is more valuable? Since all are good and viable options, with the prices all over the place… And rainbows are important to you, but not to your partner who also has a say in the purchase… How do you decide?

      This is what it is like for couples looking at YOU. We make it easier on them by pricing everything the same, so they go for style only. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, you always wonder about the rainbow option after you settled for the cheaper grey option.

  4. Quit managing contracts. We have an expert legal team behind us and now YOU. When you get us, you get them, and our easy and inclusive contract for all vendor categories.

  5. Stop nagging for payments. Clients get payment reminders from us, and we deal with all the payment-chasing headaches. You don’t know the difference and get paid on time, every time. 

  6. Break market value diving. Have you ever priced yourself *up here*, believed in that price and that you were worth it, and then had your new client lead say the other guy is $x amount cheaper? And then you do the thing we all hate and lower your prices? Couples don’t realize that this affects the market negatively and supports bad business and hobbyist takeover.

Seriously guys, y’all are ARTISTS. Chuck all this out the window.

Do your craft. Our platform design manages all the mumbo jumbo that keeps you in business.

The main value we bring to vendors in a nutshell: 

  1. Work with like-minded clients from here on out.

  2. Work with other companies you love. Every. Single. Weekend.

How does it benefit couples getting married? 

Well, everything stated above that benefits you and your business, also benefits couples in a different way. 

  1. Couples never have to review another proposal again-all pricing is transparent, which means no more waiting periods, no more surprise charges, and a reality check on what they can afford starting day 1.

  2. Clients are no longer “sold to”. Let’s face it, we all hate the salesman game. People are smart enough to see the value and differentiation in vendors from their profiles and interviews, that they can make their own decisions without us vendors adding to the confusion with our sales tactics. With our model, couples are looked at as clients from the beginning, not as people you have to win over. 

  3. Couples read and agree to only one contract for all services and vendors.  Simple as that. No more contract negotiating for either of you.

  4. Clients now have payment options. Clients get payment reminders from us and manage their entire wedding in one bill. They can finance the whole thing, pay in pieces, pay all at once… Everyone has different financial resources and preferences, and we accommodate them. 

  5. They never have to ask if you’re available on their wedding date, and they can book meetings with you straight from your profile. No more back and forth. 

  6. Couples get educated on how the wedding industry works, and guided through the process through our intelligent platform and expert concierge. 

There you have it!  So many benefits, all wrapped up into one pretty little platform.  

Have a suggestion or a new feature idea? 

Tell us!

Jennifer Edmon