Masters of artistry. Captains of quality.


 Jennifer Edmon has been a Wedding Planner and Floral Designer in the Bay Area of California for nearly 10 years. Hearing the same complaints from overwhelmed brides spurred her to not just expound on her own services to help them, but to pioneer a new technology that would solve their problems, as well as the problems creative event professionals experience in the wedding industry. The Event Hollow concept came to life when she brought on her lifelong friend, Anna to bring her marketing expertise and passion to it. Their partnership has brought EH to becoming the only online marketplace for weddings, and the first instant booking platform on the market.



To empower and equip couples with innovative tools to efficiently plan their wedding by connecting them to the world’s leading creative professionals.

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To be the #1 marketplace for weddings.



Event Hollow is proud to serve it’s customers with the utmost transparency, quality, and integrity as the foundation for our company. We seek to provide services and creative professionals that adhere and proudly represent the standards you see below.



We believe transparency is essential in creating trustworthy relationships. That’s why you’ll see our packages and pricing are fully disclosed. You’ll never have to question what you’re paying for the service that is offered. Rest easy knowing that we are fully committed to leaving it all on the table.  



We are masters of artistry. Captains of quality. Every vendor on our platform has been hand selected by a panel of highly esteemed event planners. We pride ourselves on precision and excellence through every cocktail, photograph, song choice, and tasting.



We take satisfaction in knowing that we serve and work with wonderful people. Event Hollow is unified through honesty, virtue, and sincerity. That’s why we have a team of professionals who monitor every review, email, and phone call to assure that we provide a service that meets our integral standards.  

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