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Leveraging Technology to pioneer the digital transformation of the Wedding Industry.

Located in San Francisco, California




The Problems in the Wedding Industry

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How we are fixing the Wedding Industry

We have automated and streamlined the entire event planning process

Web-based B2B & B2C | Two-sided Marketplace

→ Standardized packages and prices eliminate the hassle of comparing proposals

→ Bride can estimate the entire cost of her wedding with no commitment.

→ Intelligently pairs brides to only the best local vendors

→ Integrated vendor calendars

→ Agree to only ONE contract for all services rendered.

→ Flexible payments


Curation. Inspiration. Automation. Disruption.



We are recruiting seasoned Wedding Planners in each geography to be our regional managers to help build the networks in their locality→ currently designing an incentive program.

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California - 2019

West Coast - 2020

Major Cities - 2021

Countrywide - 2022

Global - 2023

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{{These Key Differentiators make instant booking transactions possible}}

>>These Key Differentiators make the instant booking process trusted by the user<<

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Event Hollow has succeeded in breaking through what has traditionally been an antiquated, frustrating and sometimes nerve-racking process of wedding planning.  Couples can now select, book and finance everything associated with their special day via an intuitive, highly interactive platform that brings couples and creative providers together in a seamless way.  What's more, the Event Hollow user experience mimics the deep and valuable interactions a couple gets when working with first-rate wedding planners -- all the while being easy, fast and affordable.

-Greg White | Partner, Sway Ventures


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